I am a web developer with a passion for learning. I have experience with HTML, CSS, Sass, jQuery, WordPress, and Git. I have built custom websites as well as helped clients customize and get the most out of their WordPress themes. I am currently delving into JavaScript and the development community surrounding it.

Since the beginning of my web development career, I have focused on delivering pixel-perfect products to clients and designers that I work with. As more devices and users gain access to the web, I believe it is essential that we meet as many needs of users as possible. In specific, I focus on improving users' experiences via well-executed responsive design that also finds a balance between uniqueness, simplicity, and usability.

When I am not learning about code or working on a web project, I enjoy photography, drawing, and reading.

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Custom Websites

This is a website I made for the company Membership Management Services. I got the inspiration for the design from their old site but adapted it to have a more modern look. I coded all the HTML and CSS by hand and used Bootstrap for the accordian on the software page as well as the mobile navigation.

a sample image of mm2000 site
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This project was for a site of educational articles that needed to be mobile responsive. The HTML ended up being very outdated so I rewrote all of the HTML code using semantic markup. I then applied some simple styles that were compatible with mobile devices.

a sample image of vernon leighton's site
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This is a mock desktop landing page for the company Megabus. It was designed by Devin Harold and coded by me. It is an example of what I can make with HTML and CSS and I plan to continue adding functionality and JavaScript to this project in the future.

sample image of mock landing page for Megabus
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WordPress Sites

I used WordPress to create this website for my hobby photography. The home page features all pictures or the user can choose a category from the drop down menu.

sample image of my WordPress photo gallery site
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A blog site I put together using the WordPress theme Salient.

sample image of The Lady Doctors blog site
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JavaScript Projects

This is a questionnaire I coded using JavaScript. The Total Correct keeps track of how many questions are answered correctly. When a question is answered the button turns red or green and the user gets the feedback of correct or incorrect before going to the next question.

sample image of questionnaire I coded using JavaScript
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This is a fun image puzzle I made using JavaScript. You click on any two image pieces to swap them and reassemble the image.

sample image of an image puzzle I coded using JavaScript
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